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Nasuni Platform Updates Empower Analytics And AI On Unstructured Data

Data management company Nasuni Corp. is invigorating its files services platform today, artificial intelligence, empowering analytics and search on unstructured data just as new cloud migration abilities.Photo by Stephen Dawson / UnsplashThe thought is to give greater adaptability to organizations that like to utilize multiple cloud services.Nasuni's file services

Micron Introduces Flash Memory-Optimized AI Development Platform

PC chipmaker and storage company Micron Technology Inc. is pitching its product for artificial intelligence workloads in the wake of obtaining a startup called MicronThe company announced the obtaining at its yearly Micron Insight conference in San Francisco today, portraying FWDNXT as a provider of AI hardware and

Cybersecurity Company Avast Hacked By Means Of Employee Virtual Private Network

Czech cybersecurity firm Avast Software s.r.o., the proprietor of well known antivirus software provider AVG Technologies N.V., has been hacked, yet the company figured out how to fight off the attack.Those behind the hack figured out how to get entrance by trading off an employee’s

More Secure With Google Cloud New Advanced Data Protection Features

Data storage isn't the most stylish point in the realm of cloud platforms, however it's a core building block that supports each other solution infrastructure-as-a-service providers offer. Subsequently, leading players like Google LLC are effectively attempting to keep up an edge around there.The technology goliath today declared new features

DeepCode Taps Artificial Intelligence To Help Clean Up Code

Cloud service analyzes commits to Bitbucket or GitHub and flags security, logic, performance, and compliance issues.Photo by Nikhil Mitra / UnsplashBy utilizing artificial intelligence to assist clean up code, DeepCode plans to progress toward becoming to programming what writing assistant Grammarly is to written communications.Compared to a spell checker

Keep Things In Mind About The Security Of IoT And The Cloud

Try not to underestimate IoT security complexity. A few tricks and technology can make IoT security simpler.Photo by AbsolutVision / UnsplashThe vast majority of the individuals who implement IoT connected with centralized cloud systems have little piece of information about security solutions for these architectures. You have to remember a

IBM Presents New Capabilities For Watson Anywhere AI Initiative

IBM Corp. today updated its Watson AI tools to assist customers with disposing of a portion of the data complexities that keep them from implementing artificial intelligence-based technologies.Photo by Carson Masterson / UnsplashThe updates are all piece of IBM's alleged "Watson Anywhere" initiative that includes scaling AI over any sort