Google LLC today propelled a new cloud security service that plans to help guarantee its customer remain in consistence with any regulations they have to hold fast to.

Security Health Analytics is a security service that integrates with Google's Cloud Security Command Center. In a blog entry, Google Cloud product director Kyle Olive said it empowers companies to recognize misconfigurations and compliance violations with Google Cloud assets and make a move to cure them.

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Google said the service is important in light of the fact that the more that companies exploit cloud computing to manufacture applications and services and push these into production, the more prominent the danger of dropping out of compliance. The issue is that utilizing multiple cloud products frequently prompts what's known as "shadow IT," in which organizations are never again mindful of which services are running where and how secure they may be.

Security Health Analytics gives an approach to Google Cloud customers to watch that the majority of their resources are appropriately configured and that they're agreeable with Center for Internet Security benchmarks, which detail the best practices for the secure design of cloud infrastructure.

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The service has just demonstrated prominent with AirAsia Group Berhad, a low-cost carrier situated in Malaysia that as of now serves in excess of 150 goals around the world. AirAsia's business has a huge data technology operation with a great many virtual machines running in Google's cloud. It additionally utilizes services, for example, App Engine for application development and Google Kubernetes Engine, and Security Health Analytics encourages it to guarantee that everything is running as it should.

Security Health Analytics additionally gives recommendations on the most proficient method to fix any compliance issues it finds. A click on a finding through the dashboard will hurl a step-by-step remediation plan to fix it.

Google said Security Health Analytics is accessible now in beta testing.