PC chipmaker and storage company Micron Technology Inc. is pitching its product for artificial intelligence workloads in the wake of obtaining a startup called FWDNXT.

credit: Micron

The company announced the obtaining at its yearly Micron Insight conference in San Francisco today, portraying FWDNXT as a provider of AI hardware and software for deep learning, which is a subset of AI that attempts to imitate the manner in which the human mind takes care of issues.

Micron will probably integrate FWDNXT's technology with its own, optimized flash memory products to make what it says will be a "comprehensive AI development platform."

Micron has just made its first product that integrates FWDNXT's technology. The Micron Deep Learning Accelerator is a "software-programmable platform" controlled by the startup's AI inference engine that can run various machine learning frameworks and neural networks. It exploits Micron's flash memory to process the tremendous measures of data expected to train algorithms on these frameworks and networks rapidly and productively, in a simple to utilize interface.

credit: Micron

Micron further declared it's including some new SSDs to its portfolio of flash memory products. They incorporate the Micron 5300 and Micron 7300 SSDs for data centers, the last's speedier Non-Volatile Memory Express protocol giving a speed boost particularly speaking to cloud computing providers. There's additionally a new Crucial X8 Portable SSD, which is gone for buyers who wish to add more storage to their PCs and laptops.

The Micro 5300 SSD and the Micron 7300 SSD are said to be the first to utilize the company's 96-layer 3-D TLC NAND technology, and are enhanced for tasks including block, media streaming, item storage and online transactional processing.

Not least, Micron said it's presenting a new Authenta Key Management Service, which is by all accounts another case of the company attempting to include more value past simply giving storage.

Authenta KMS is said to be a "silicon-based security-as-a-service" offering for protecting edge and IoT devices that depend on Micron's flash memory. When set up, installed secure flash devices can be activated and oversaw at the edge through a cloud-based service.