Cloud service analyzes commits to Bitbucket or GitHub and flags security, logic, performance, and compliance issues.

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By utilizing artificial intelligence to assist clean up code, DeepCode plans to progress toward becoming to programming what writing assistant Grammarly is to written communications.

Compared to a spell checker for developers, DeepCode's cloud service reviews code and gives cautions about critical vulnerabilities, with the aim of preventing security bugs from making it into production. The objective is to empower more secure, cleaner code and deliver it quicker.

DeepCode gains from open source code bases and has developed a knowledge base to make recommendations on improving code. Code is examined with each change. The DeepCode cloud service incorporates with code hosting platforms GitHub and Bitbucket, and supports on-premises deployments to look out for Bitbucket Server or GitLab.

Front-End Development
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Core features of DeepCode:

• AI QA Audits. DeepCode analyzes any part of a repository and shows results in a web browser.

• AI Code Reviews including commit and pull request analysis. DeepCode breaks down all code commits and pull requests and notes any issues.

DeepCode likewise offers semantic analysis, which inspects changes when issues and understands context. Performance and security bugs are analyzed, just as logical missteps made by developers. Compatibility issues, for example, when another form of a language is being utilized, additionally are assessed. Formatting and API issues are checked too. Different things searched for incorporate null pointer exceptions, resource leakage, and date formatting issues.

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Right now, languages supported in Java, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript. Languages scheduled to be included include C, C#, C++, and Go. In the long run, developers might have the option to include support for languages on their own. Plans likewise require additional services, for example, automatic code fixing, and consistently improving the accuracy of the DeepCode system. Another improvement looked at is GitLab cloud integration.

DeepCode can be utilized for applications appropriate to any industry. Public cloud usage is free; private cloud usage is free for groups of upwards of 30 developers.